Creative Kids Bedroom Paint Ideas

There are no limits when it comes to decorating a kids bedroom. Off course there are plenty of decorating items out there like wall stickers, stencils, or decals, but we would like to show you some creative kids bedroom paint ideas you can do yourself to suit the shape, color and theme of your child’s bedroom.
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Bookshelves in a tree

This tree is hand painted by Alicia Ventura Interior Design. I love the shape of the tree, did you notice how it is painted in a corner using 2 walls? Corners are often forgotten in a room and this is a great example of how to create a intimate reading area for your child.

The tree stands out against the pale blue background, and the color of the flowers could easily be adapted to suit your child’s favourite color or left out to suit a boys room. The bookshelves are a similar color to the tree and a widely available in stores to fit right in with the branches to show off books and toys.

Paint your own mural

This nursery room looks great, and is designed by Shryne Design. Everything works together so well, the soft colors and the position of the images on the wall. Now you might think this is way too hard to paint yourself, but here are some tricks to help you along:

Firstly choose an image you would like to paint on the wall, it could be your child’s favourite cartoon character or an image you’ve found on the internet. Try to stick with a simple image, meaning an image containing only 2 or 3 colors and with clear lines.

Use a projecter to project the image onto the wall, carefully choosing the right position for the image and draw the image with chalk on the wall. (we use chalk because it’s easy to remove with a damp cloth) Once you’re happy with the image you can get your paint and start coloring in the image starting with the lighter colors, and using a pencil for the outline. (some image will look great without the thin outline so don’t worry too much about this fiddly job) Find more information here about using a projector

Or us the grid method by drawing a grid on your image you printed out, then drawing a grid lightly with chalk on your wall in the same ratio so that you can draw the image on the wall. When finished painting the image, you remove the grid off the wall with a damp cloth. This method is inexpensive but a lot more time consuming then using a projector. But you should end up with the same result and a lovely image on the wall. Find more information here about using the grid method.


Chalkboard wall art

This room features a big chalkboard for the kids to create their own wall art. This room is designed by Inview Interior Design and boost a modern and calm feel throughout. What child wouldn’t love a big chalkboard in their bedroom, from young to old it will be a winner for sure!

Big chalkboards like this one are easily created with chalk paint. Make sure your wall is clean and give it 2 coats, letting it dry in between coats. We also love how they framed the chalkboard in this example, making it stand out from the wall. Off course you could paint any shape or section of the wall with chalkboard paint keeping in mind the age and height of your child, of course you do want him or her be able to reach it.

As you can see, there are plenty of creative kids bedroom paint ideas out there, so what are you still waiting for? Get your paintbrush, come up with a great image and start painting, you child will absolutely love it!


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